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A little history ... The rich heritage of the Johnsburg Community Club spans 80 years. It's original purpose was to literally put Johnsburg on the map. A group of local residents decided that this small hamlet in northeastern Illinois needed a voice. They needed to get the ear of the political appointees for roads and services that up till then were pretty much reserved for the larger communities. In addition, they also wanted an organization that would help their neighbors.

Over the years things started happening ... A main "cement" road connecting Chapel Hill Road to Johnsburg Road was constructed. A new voting precinct was established after a long six year battle. A loan was secure from the state to build a steel bridge across the Fox River to replace the wooden one. They lobbied and got police protection for the unincorporated communities. And the list went on....

Today ... The Johnsburg Community Club is the sole or partial sponsor of over 20 philanthropic endeavors each year.

These range from the Joe Frett Scholarship presented to a graduating high school senior, to a full sponsorship of Boy Scout Troop 455. The hall and grounds provide a meeting place for many civic organization such as the Foresters, Little League and soccer teams.

All of this is made possible by the those who attend or support the many fundraisers that are held each year.

To Join Download JCMC Membership form and email to Brian Rich, the membership chairman. Download the JCC Membership Form & mail in.
Thank you for all of your support, and please continue to help us help our neighbors here in Johnsburg.