Found- 1997 video at the JCC

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In the decades that the Johnsburg Community Club has been in existence- there have been many musical performances. This video was found on You Tube, and it is from a performance by the band Seam, whom performed on June 7th, 1997.

"This is a recording of the Chicago, IL band Seam, playing at the Johnsburg Community Club in Johnsburg, IL. This was quite a bill and my band (at the time) was lucky enough to be included. The bands on the bill were Adhesive, Shellac, Brits Out of America!, C-Clamp, Dianogah and Seam. The order was decided by a dice roll before each band. This is a small community club, usually used for weddings and graduation parties, as well as an occasional show. There weren't any stage lights, hence the crude standup lamp behind the drummer. It was an extremely ill prepared bill that just seemed to fall together at the last minute, but it is still one of my favorite shows of all time. I found this on an old VHS tape that had, obviously seen the rounds. The quality is far from stellar, but the performance and songs are there. Seam was an extremely underrated band that that broke before their time. I wish there were more live videos of them on YouTube and I am happy to share what I have, regardless of the quality."

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