A Thank You video from Walla-Pa-Looza

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A Thank You video from the Walla-Pa-Looza Board of Directors and the Wallateers for making 2013 the most successful year so far for Walla-Pa-Looza.

From the Walla Blog.... "July 26th, 2013, our volunteers opened the gates at noon and around 1:00 Days of Mayhem took the stage, after that, The Partyhardigans came on and the park started to fill up. Both bands did a great job, but, all of a sudden, we had this barrage of people, I mean hundreds and hundreds. It was time to bring to the stage – American English. These guys were awesome. Then Friction took to the task of keeping the asses in the seats and they did just that. I heard so many compliments about these guys that later on, I would ask them to play Jolly Pa Looza in December. Anyway, after Friction rocked the crap out of Johnsburg, we had a short break and announced our head liner. Modern Day Romeos! These guys had everyone dancing, rocking and partying. When I looked out from back stage all I could see was tons and tons of people. Our best guess was about 4500 plus. Not too mention about 50 kegs of beer consumed."

"Our 5th Jolly-Pa-Looza was record setting as well. This past Jolly-Pa-Looza attendance surpassed our other events by far because we put together a line up that was top notch. A band that played Fiesta Days in McHenry this past summer called 4 Grand was on our radar so we asked them to play our event along with Friction but this year we wanted to entertain early so we asked our long time friend Valentine to play and the response was incredible. Our friends from the McHenry Pigtail league presented us with a nice check and so did our other partners the Johnsburg Jr Skyhawks. We also had the Johnsburg Men’s Club donate the tips from the evening and they also donated their time behind the bar. I make mention of these organizations because they contribute to our success."

NOTE: On APRIL 8th 2014 the Walla-Pa-Looza Organization announced the dissolution of their organization, and will cease all future fundraisers.

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