Super Raffle

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Event:Super Raffle
Date:May 3, 2019
Cost:$100 ticket, $20 extra meals
Features:Steak & Chicken Dinner

Tickets are $100 each, which includes a complimentry dinner, additional dinners are available for $20.00 each. The chef plans to offer steaks and chicken breasts that will be grilled to perfection on the premises.

The drawing, as in past years, will be double elimination Calcutta. 149 tickets will be sold. 150th ticket will be raffled when only 3 containers are left. Cash prizes will be distributed as follows: • First name eliminated will win $125, • Every 10th name eliminated wins $125, • 3rd to last name eliminated wins $500, • 2nd to last name eliminated wins $1000, • The last name left will win $3500, • None Winners* Last chance draw wins $250. * Must be present to win.